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Council Finances

The Budget
The budget for this financial year (2019/20) was approved by the Full Council in January and can be seen here. A list of grants made during the year is shown here.

Payments over £500
A list of all payments over £500 made by the Parish Council this financial year can be seen here and those for 2017/18 here and for 2016/17 here .  The payments include VAT where appropriate. For data protection compliance payments to staff are shown as a total for each month and payments to individuals do not identify the individual.


The Parish Council holds two types of reserves - a general reserve, the level of which is considered every year.  In 2018  it was agreed that

"an appropriate level of general reserve was equivalent to six to nine months of the precept to meet the ‘reasonable level' recommendation in the Practitioners Guide. The PC is aware that some local authorities such as Northamptonshire CC are facing financial difficulties. This level allows for unexpected expenditure and NSC either delaying or failing to pay the precept, so that the PC can continue to operate for a reasonable time."

The Council also holds earmarked reserves which are sums earmarked for future expenditure - but not necessarily in the current financial year. These are considered every February and the report issued by the committee to Council to explain these reserves can be seen here.

Parish Council Accounts and Annual Return

The Parish Council Accounts are audited each year by an external auditor and electors have a right to see the accounts and make representations to the auditor.  This audit has now been completed and the notice of conclusion of audit, together with the governance and accounting statements, and the External Auditor Report and Certificate for 2017/18 can be seen here.

 Accounts Summary for 2017/18