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Council Finances

The Budget
The budget for this financial year (2018/19) was approved by the Full Council in January and can be seen here. A list of grants made during the year is shown here.

Payments over £500.
A list of all payments over £500 made by the Parish Council this financial year can be seen here and those for 2017/18 here and for 2016/17 here .  The payments include VAT where appropriate. For data protection compliance payments to staff are shown as a total for each month and payments to individuals do not identify the individual.

Parish Council Accounts and Annual Return

The Parish Council Accounts are audited each year by an external auditor and electors have a right to see the accounts and make representations to the auditor.  The notice of the date of commencement of the period for the exercise of public rights to inspect the accounts can be seen hereThe notice is dated 26th June (today) and the period of inspection is from the 27th June to the 7th August.  To see the internal auditors report, the governance and accounting statements for 2017/18 as sent to the external auditor click here. 

 Accounts Summary for 2016/17 (the accounts for 17/18 will be shown here when the external audit is complete).



Precept – this is the amount of money that is collected by North Somerset Council (NSC) on behalf of Long Ashton Parish Council in your Council Tax.  For 2016/17 it was £57.00 for a Band D property - just under £1.10 a week.  

Highways and Footpath Income – This is the grant the Parish Council receives from NSC to help pay the cost of our Village Orderly.

Grants Received – This is a grant from NSC to partially offset the effect of the changes to Council Tax Benefit – which resulted in a reduction in the amount of money the PC received from the precept.

VAT Reimbursements – Parish Councils are allowed to claim the VAT they have spent on non-business activities.


Grants and Subscriptions – The Parish Council subscribes to a number of organisations, for example the Avon Local Council Association and the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England and provides grants to organisations in the villages. However, the bulk of this money is the grant given by the Parish Council to LACA (Long Ashton Community Association) to manage the Community Centre complex on Keedwell Hill. LACA now also manage Peel Park so this year’s grant of £35,112 included £7,604  to pay for its upkeep. The Council also gave a grant of £16,000 to support the Youth Club.

S137 Payments – Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972 allows a local council, to incur discretionary expenditure. However, because the Parish Council has now claimed the General Power of Competence, a power of first resort which gives it the power to do anything that individuals generally may do, it had no need to use s137 this year.

Balance - The balance is made up of general reserves, which covers between 6 and 12 months general expenditure, and funds earmarked for expenditure which the Council is anticipating.  At the end of March the Council had about £108,934 in general reserves and about £404,557 in earmarked reserves.  Over half of the earmarked reserves is money the Parish Council has received from the developers to maintain Peel Park, the play areas in Kings Croft and Chancellors Park and some of the open spaces in Chancellors Park. These earmarked reserves also include a fighting fund so the Council can afford to respond to large scale planning applications in the Parish.