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North Somerset Council is closing Long Ashton Library this Autumn.

The Parish Council has set up a working group to investigate the possibility of creating alternative provision.

The working group has created a questionnaire to find out what the residents of the parish want to see, going forward. Please take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire and have your say.

Please feel free share it with others you know in the area .

  To access the questionnaire click here  .

North Somerset are also running a survey about the library - it would be good if you could fill in both surveys - the NSC one can be seen here here 


Events in the Parish 

If you have any comments on events being held in the parish please feel free to email the clerk with them.  The Parish Council doesn't have the statutory power to change anything but will raise your comments with event organisers and/or North Somerset Council at any debrief meeting.   

 Parish Council Accounts

The Parish Council Accounts are audited each year by an external auditor and electors have a right to see the accounts and make representations to the auditor.  The notice of the date of commencement of the period for the exercise of public rights to inspect the accounts can be seen hereThe notice is dated 26th June (today) and the period of inspection is from the 27th June to the 7th August.  To see the internal auditors report, the governance and accounting statements for 2017/18 as sent to the external auditor click here. 

  Vacancies on the Parish Council

There are no vacancies at present.

  Community Grant 

  See the Community tab for more information about this years community grant or click here.  

Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Result


94.8% voted YES!

click here to see the declared result

South Bristol Link

 Click here to see the Metrobus/South Bristol Link newsletter produced by the contractor.

The Government has just published a plain english guide to the planning system which you might find helpful.

The fraud awareness campaign “Spot It, Stop It” has been launched in Avon and Somerset targeting doorstep, phone and online scams. Click here for more information. 

The Youth Club Newsletter is now on the Youth News tab.
There has been a spate of thefts from sheds and garages in Long Ashton recently mainly targetting bikes and power tools.  The Police ask that you lock up your shed properley, record details of your bike (make, model, frame number, take a picture) and power tools, park your car close to your garage door and remember to lock it!  Click here to see their "Securing your garden and outbuildings"  leaflet.
Long Ashton residents can now buy parking permits for Ashton Court car parks. Click here for details.
Please remember to keep your dog under  proper control (on a lead) when walking them in fields where sheep are grazing - farmers are reporting a number of lost lambs due to pregnant ewes being worried by dogs. Even normally well behaved dogs can react unpredictably when they see livestock.  Farmers have rights when their animals are being put at risk which can include, in some circumstances, shooting the offending dog.  See the article here on the law. 
See here for the First Buses timetable and here for the Abus one.
Avon and Somerset Police produce a magazine a free quarterly magazine called the Senior Siren. This is aimed at all members of the community, but with a particular focus at older adults and their close community group. It contains original lifestyle articles, as well as games and puzzles, social engagement information and columns by law enforcement professionals, guest writers and celebrity interviewees. All, of course, interspersed with the essential home and personal safety tips to keep the reader safe. The latest edition can be viewed by clicking here.  
See what's on in North Somerset by following this link.