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 Update on the Long Ashton Social Distancing Planters

The Parish council thanks everyone for their recent feedback about the Covid-19 Planter Scheme...


  • We’ve since met and had further conversations with residents and businesses directly affected.
  • We’re proceeding with installation of planters at some locations where there is agreement and goodwill to trial it out.
  • We’re pausing installation of planters outside the Post Office and Bird in Hand whilst we work through some of the issues raised there about loss of parking.
  • We’ll continue to seek input and update the community at each stage as this project develops and it will be reviewed on a regular basis.
Once again, thank you for your co-operation!


Long Ashton Community Centre

Joint Statement by Long Ashton Parish Council (LAPC) and Long Ashton Community Association (LACA)

The Long Ashton Community Centre, managed by LACA, is facing financial difficulties due to the coronavirus crisis.  

At an Emergency Parish Council meeting, held on 14th December, it was agreed that the LAPC should provide an immediate grant to LACA of £20,000 to help.

On top of next year's recommended grant of £33,000 which is for maintenance of the council-owned facility, the Parish Council is also recommending an additional sum of £24,000 is earmarked, along with new joint working arrangements to assist LACA to recover after Covid, should it be required.

These recommendations are to be decided at a Council Meeting on Monday 18 January.

The Parish Council is determined to help the Community Centre survive this difficult period, but it has limited funding and has decided not to raise the parish precept in 2021/22. The Parish Council and LACA are working closely together and will be developing opportunities for residents to help in the New Year, including a crowdfunding campaign. By working together we can keep the heart of our community beating!

Read the Joint Statement in full... 


How are we doing?

Have your say about how Long Ashton Parish Council engages with you. Share your ideas on how we can improve. Spend just 5-10 minutes to complete our new Community Survey, now available at http://bit.ly/LAPCEngage 


Contacting the Council 

Contact the Clerk: 

Phone:          01275 393551
Email:           clerk@longashtonparishcouncil.com
Post:             PO Box 3102, Long Ashton, Bristol, BS41 9XA

Contact the Community Engagement Officer: 

Phone: 07376 145798
Email: community@longashtonparishcouncil.gov.uk
Post: PO Box 3102, Long Ashton, Bristol, BS41 9XA 

The Council's Privacy Notice can be seen here 

LAPC Office Closures during Covid

The Parish Council Office is now closed for the foreseeable future but you can still contact us by phone or email. Details of future council meetings can be found on the Council meetings and agendas page here

The Annual Parish Meeting scheduled for 27th April was cancelled.  The Council's annual report was included in the Summer edition of the Long Ashton and Leigh Woods Newsletter. A copy is also available by clicking here.


Skatepark update

Long Ashton Parish Council plans to build a multi-use skatepark in Long Ashton by 2022. We recently carried out a survey to understand the community's views on the proposal. Read the results of the survey carried by clicking here.

If you'd like more details or want to get involved, contact Caroline Tarbuck (our Community Engagement Officer) or email the Skate Park Working Group directly at: LAskatepark@gmail.com  

To get updates direct to your inbox, sign up at: https://bit.ly/31mEAUA

Find the LA Skate Park working group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LongAshtonSkatePark

You can find a list of popular questions and answers in this set of Q&As.


LA Coronavirus Support Network 

Long Ashton residents are responding quickly to the fast-moving coronavirus situation. If you need any help or want to offer your help during this time, please join the Long Ashton Coronavirus Support Network.   The group is for residents to reach out to each other for support during the coronavirus crisis and to help elderly and vulnerable locals. The group is currently discussing ways of helping each other and welcomes those in need to ask for help. The group does not post medical advice.

Take a few minutes to watch the group's video explaining what's involved in becoming an LA Covid community volunteer. To view, click here

To contact the LA Covid Community Support Network, email: info@lacovid.org, telephone: 01275 595580 or visit their website: lacovid.org

If you need help, please email the Support Network rather than posting it on the Facebook page. This ensures your message remains private and is directed to to the right person. The network have produced a pamphlet describing the available help which can be accessed here. 


 Long Ashton Together  

LA Together is a voluntary group aimed at bringing people together to improve community life for everyone. It's always looking to connect with local residents to turn good ideas into action. Click here to connect with LA Together on Facebook


 Help for Farmers

The Farming Community Network is able to assist farmers who are unable to care for their livestock. 

They offer advice and can put farmers in contact with neighbouring farms to assist.
General Line 03000 111999 Somerset Helpline 01934 712128
Volunteers are available to offer advice and assist on farm.

 Long Ashton Youth Club 

We are back...for two weeks worth of fun sessions before Christmas!

We are following the National Youth Agency guidelines (https://nya.org.uk) for managing youth sector spaces during COVID-19 will be continuously reviewing and updating our policies as appropriate.

Read more about December's Youth Club arrangements...

Join the Long Ashton Youth Club on Facebook by Clicking Here.


 Village Enhancement Scheme

We’re listening to your concerns about the proposed changes to the speed limit near the Guide HQ/Wild Country Lane, at the gateway to the western end of the village. We’ll be meeting with representatives from the Guides to decide a course of action. In the meantime, changes to the speed limit will be deferred until a decision has been made.

Here’s a quick summary of the rationale behind the decision to change the speed limit near the Guide HQ, as explained by the chair of the Village Enhancement Scheme working group:

“The parish council has been working on road safety measures for the village for some years. The junction of Weston Road with Wild Country Lane has caused concern, especially as the volume of traffic from Barrow Gurney has increased, so the council has been considering how best to slow the traffic down as it approaches from the 50 mph road from Gatcombe. The consultation a year ago reinforced those concerns.

The problem is that drivers often do not notice the 30 mph where it is currently set. National guidance now recommends that the start of a 30 mph limit zone should clearly be aligned with the start of housing, so that drivers can understand the reason for the reduction in speed limit. This guidance has changed since the Guide HQ was built 35 years ago.

It is believed that the change will improve road safety in this area. Additional road markings will be laid on the approach to the junction to highlight the need to slow down.”

We’d like to thank all those who signed the petition. Your comments are important to us and your support in seeking a way forward is appreciated.

The work continues on the 20mph limit in the shopping area and the rest of the proposals as the PC is working hard to make the village safer.

Scheme works

As you know, the Parish Council has been working with North Somerset Council for some time to improve road safety in the shopping area of the village. We now have a start date for the works, namely Monday March 9th, to last about 2 weeks. There may well be last minute delays because of the weather. Briefly, this phase includes the 20 mph limit on a small stretch of the main road plus surface treatment and parking limit at the Brocks Lane junction; it includes signage, some line painting and some road markings.

There will also be new parking restrictions at Lovelinch Gardens, and improvements to the crossing at the top of Theynes Croft and the junction with Wild Country Lane.

Full details of the works are on Village Enhancement Scheme tab

The first thing that will be done is marking out the locations of the numerous new posts.

The main interference with normal life and traffic will be in 2 areas:

Firstly the surfacing at Brocks Lane. There'll be no parking for a day or two when the new surface is being laid; this is mainly near the junction with Yeo Lane, but the new single yellow lines run both sides of that ie in front of the Bird in Hand’s garden and the chippy.
Secondly, the new yellow lines at Lovelinch Gardens: when this stage is being done, there can be no parking in the layby and nearby, so we understand this will be very inconvenient. Even when the contractor puts out cones, the works could still be delayed at the last moment if it's raining, so please be as patient and understanding as possible.

There will be traffic restrictions at various times by means of lights or stop/go control, to enable works on alternate sides of the road. The contractors will also need some parking themselves.

We know there have been longstanding problems with the speed of traffic and inconsiderate parking, so it will be marvellous that the improvements are actually getting done but there will inevitably be some inconvenience while the works are ongoing.

Don’t forget your wheelie bin stickers!

Parish Council Plan.  The Parish Council has consulted on its three year plan setting out its priorities over the next three years which includes a number of specific projects and details of how we want to work with local people and organisations to help make it all happen. Please click here to see the plan.

Accounts and public rights. The Parish Council accounts are audited each year by an external auditor and electors have a right to see the accounts and make representations to the auditor. The notice of conclusion of audit, the auditors report, and the Annual Return can be seen here.

A planning student at UWE has carried out a study of Long Ashton's conservation areas - his report can be seen here.  

Local Elections 

The notices of uncontested election for Leigh Woods and Long Ashton can be seen here - they list the people who are your Councillors together with Suzy Barnes, Tony Weir, Owen Lloyd-Jones and Matthew Semple who were co-opted onto the Council on the 13th May, Ruth McAllister Kemp who was co-opted on the 9th September, Cait Sellars who was co-opted on the 25th November and Colin James who was co-opted on the 20th January. If you thought about being a Cllr but didn't get your form in on time contact the clerk as you could put your name forward to be co-opted onto the Council.

If so look at the "Be a Parish Councillor" tab on the Council page for lots of helpful information. 

See the newsflash tab for latest information on a wide variety of issues. For details about current job vacancies, please see the vacancies page.  For information about applying for the community grant or other grants see the Community page.    A link to the apprenticeship vacancy list from Weston College can be found on the Youth News tab there.  The latest information about the Village Enhancement Scheme including the consultation can be found on the Village Enhancement Scheme page. 


Community Grant

The public meeting was held on October 9th 2020 and the £1,000 grant awarded to the Long Ashton Scouts towards their HQ project and the £500 grant to the build a Spitfire Group. Information about the projects see the community page. 


View of town from hill


Website Information

We hope you will enjoy this website. It is designed to tell you more about the Parish Council, the parish and what is happening here so that you can enjoy the facilities.
The Freedom of Information Act 2000 has a major impact on the dissemination of the Council's information into the public domain with the requirement to "make a significant amount of information available routinely, without waiting for someone to specifically request it." This Parish Council adopted the Act on 25th November 2002, and the revised model publication scheme in November 2008.  This site illustrates the Council's commitment to these principles. To see a copy of the model Publication Scheme click here and a copy of the information available from the Council under that scheme can be found here.  The Parish Council charges are for a single side of A4 10p a page and for a single side of A3 20p a page. 


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