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Meetings are normally held at 7.30 pm in the Jubilee Pavilion, Keedwell Hill. 

The public are welcome to attend. 

The agenda for a meeting is available where the meeting title is in red and the draft minutes where it is in blue (by clicking on the coloured word). The approved minutes will be available via the Council and Committee Minutes page and will be removed from here once approved.

Dates 2019 

Monday           25       November      Council (changed from the 18th)

Monday           02        December     Highways and Burial Ground
Monday           09        December     Planning
Monday           16        December     F&GP  (Oct/Nov)

Dates 2020 

Monday          13        January         Planning
Monday          20        January         Council (papers)
Monday          27        January         Highways and Burial Ground 

Monday          10        February       Planning
Monday          17        February       F&GP (Dec/Jan) 

Monday          09        March           Planning
Monday          16        March           Council
Monday          30        March           Highways and Burial Ground 

Monday          06         April             Planning
Monday          20         April             F&GP (Feb/March)
Monday         27         April            Annual Parish Meeting VILLAGE HALL 

Monday          11        May              Planning 
Monday          18        May              Annual Council Meeting 

Monday          01        June             Highways and Burial Ground
Monday          08        June             F&GP (April/May)
Monday          15        June             Planning
Monday          22        June             Council (Accounts) 

Monday          20        July               Planning
Monday          27        July               Highways and Burial Ground 

Monday          17        August           Planning
Monday          24        August           F&GP (June/July) 

Monday          07        September     Council
Monday          14        September     Planning
Monday          28        September     Highways and Burial Ground 

Monday          12        October          Planning
Monday          19        October          F&GP (Aug/Sept) 

Monday          09        November      Planning
Monday          16        November      Council
Monday          23        November      Highways and Burial Ground 

Monday          07        December      Planning
Monday          14        December      F&GP (Oct/Nov)