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Meeting the Council

Meetings are normally held on a Monday evening in the Pavilion, Keedwell Hill (behind the Village Hall) starting at 7.30 pm. You are welcome to come and listen to our discussions. If you are a Parishioner you can raise items with the council as described below.

Long Ashton Parish Council are making changes to the way meetings are conducted

Council meetings tend to be formal affairs and our focus is on making sure agenda items are dealt with efficiently and effectively. We also want more community engagement and to hear what you have to say about life in Long Ashton. For this reason we are making small changes to the way we conduct our meetings as outlined below. We will also be attending events in the village, meeting with groups to hear what you have to say.

This is how our meetings are changing in 2020:

· If you want to attend a meeting with an issue of concern, please let Janet the clerk know by email or by phone giving a week’s notice IF POSSIBLE.
· You will be invited to sit at the table with other councillors during the public participation time.
· This public participation time will last for 30 minutes starting at 7.30pm.
· Each person will have 5 minutes to speak but if few attend we can be flexible as to how the time is shared out.
· Residents can discuss an item of correspondence that they have sent in previously to the Council.
· This discussion will not be minuted.
· This will apply to all Council and Committee meetings. 
· Because time is precious and there is a lot of business to attend to, any issue that will be voted on will be dealt with after the public engagement slot as it appears on the agenda. Residents are welcome to contact Janet the clerk by e mail or phone anytime.
· If you want to visit in person the office is in the Jubilee Pavilion. Tuesday mornings are best as the office is open to the public at this time.
· We will try to put background papers on the PC website before each meeting (anything sensitive or confidential will of course be excluded)

Email: Clerk@longashtonparishcouncil.com
Post: Long Ashton Parish Council, PO Box 3102 BS41 9XA
Phone: 01275 393551
Of course, if you don't want to come to a meeting, you can contact any Parish Councillor to discuss an issue. For Councillors contact details CLICK HERE.