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Planning Portal Details & Links

The Recommended Links

Useful Tools

Access a full range of useful tools  including the Fee Calculator and Volume Calculator.

The online tools are useful for staff as well as members of the public.

Local Information including development plans

Identify local planning information for a development site.

The Portal’s direct link to your Local Development Framework documents.

Planning guide for small businesses

A basic guide for small businesses to the procedures of the planning system and how to apply for planning permission. In light of future PD changes the Small Business leaflet will no longer be available. Access to the Planning Portal is recommended for the most up-to-date changes.


Access the Planning Portal’s FAQ page here which provides free, easily accessible advice available to users.

Got a technical problem – check here first. Continuously updated by our help desk team.

A sample of other links

Direct link to this topic for both Planning and Building Regulation enquiries on these specific topics

The Links

The following links represent a tiny fraction of the content available to you and your communities. We’ve selected a few we regard as essential and made other suggestions, however, you are free to consider linking to any relevant content.

The Planning Portal recommends the following links as essential for local planning pages:

These links have been chosen because they are either:

  • Fundamental to the planning process and the submission of planning applications
  • Were rated as highly valuable by town and parish councils in previous research undertaken.
  • Found to be beneficial by the sample of town and parish councils that provided feedback for this project.

Therefore, the Portal encourages ,linking to these pages and using the suggested text to accompany the link.

Please note that these links are to content for the planning system in England. We shall be working closely with the Welsh Assembly Government to improve the content for Welsh Community Councils and a package of work is being planned.

The Essential Links

Make a planning application
Apply her to make an online planning application

The direct link to the electronic version of the National Standard Application Forms

Building Work
Find planning and building regulations guidance including case studies on many common projects in the home here.

Links to Planning and Building Regulations guidance

Visual guide for householders Interactive House/Terrace House
Explore he interactive house for guidance on many common householder projects. Explor the interactive terrace for guidance relating to flats, shops and basements as well as many common householder projects, in England.

The Portal’s Interactive Houses offer the most user friendly way into planning and building information.

Greener Homes and Micro-generation
Guidance for householders; providing advice on planning and building regulations matters for green energy projects and energy saving.

A direct link to an increasingly topical subject.

Building Regulations
A wide range of Building Regulations information and advice on how to apply for various types of common building work.

Direct link to the Building Regulations and downloadable Approved Documents.

Guidance on Appeals
Submit a new appeal, search for an existing appeal and comment on it.

How to use the electronic appeal system – including the new Householder Appeals Service

Site Plan Creator
You can buy maps here to support your planning application.

There is a wide range of suppliers to purchase a map from online.