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Parish Recycling Scheme Update


The Parish Council are working with North Somerset Council (NSC) to improve and increase our recycling rates.  Other parish councils locally are also doing this. The less waste sent to landfill, the less landfill tax the Council will have to pay.  


Everyone is invited to complete a Pledge Form - this is your chance to make a pledge to recycle more and reduce the amount you put in your landfill waste bin.  The more Pledge forms returned, along with other efforts we make to improvements our recycling rates, the more funding towards community projects in Long Ashton

You can download the form here - complete it and then
email it back to the clerk,

Or  put it in the box in LA Café at the community centre ( open weekdays 10 am – 1:30 pm)

Or drop it into the PC Office in the Jubilee Pavilion Tuesday morning between 10am and noon

Or post it to LAPC, PO Box 3102. Long Ashton Bristol, BS41 9NF

Progress so far


Recycling officers reported that this was the most successful event they had held!

3 van loads full of electrical equipment, furniture, TVs and lawn mowers were filled up and donated to ‘Changing Lives’ – a re-use social enterprise which supports low income families, creating work experience and employment opportunities. From 1st March broken or unwanted small electrical appliances will be collected along with the rest of your recycling.

We still have more work to do to improve our recycling so please take note of the tips below and help us reap rewards for Long Ashton and the environment.   Sorting your recycling allows crews to complete the job more quickly.  It also helps reduce the amount of litter that can be left behind after a collection

  • Wash and squash all containers.

  • Rinse all jars and bottles

  • Use UNTIED carrier bags to separate materials, except glass, which should be placed directly in your box so it can be seen.

  • Remember: NO broken or dirty glass or plastic containers! Your recycling is collected by hand!

  • Breakdown cardboard boxes

  • Place all clothes and shoes in a plastic bag to keep them dry (even if damaged)

  • Place batteries in a clear plastic bag before putting them in your box

  • Put Cardboard, brown paper and wrapping paper together

  • Metal lids from your glass jars or bottles should be removed and placed with your tins, cans and foil

  • White paper, newspaper and magazines go together

Please remember black plastic cannot be recycled; other coloured plastic is OK

North Somerset Council can provide you with a low cost compost bin and can replace a broken recycling box.

The recycling and waste collection service is provided by North Somerset Council. 
For information about all aspects of the service look at the North Somerset website by CLICKING HERE.