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Be a Parish Councillor

There are elections for the Parish Council on May 2nd this year.  All current Councillors will stand down so there will be 19 seats available for Long Ashton Ward and 2 for Leigh Woods Ward.

 Do you care about Long Ashton or Leigh Woods? Do you want the opportunity to make a difference in YOUR community? Then why not think about putting your name forward to be elected onto the Parish Council.

See here to see a leaflet about becoming a councillor and on Parish Councils and Councillors for more information about them. The North Somerset Council nomination pack can be downloaded here.  Click for the election notices for Parish and District elections.

Long Ashton Parish Council has 21 Councillors – 19 representing Long Ashton and 2 Leigh Woods. Council and committee meeting have traditionally been held on a Monday evening.  Some of the present Councillors have years of experience and others just a few months.  If you’ve not done this before (or even if you have) training will be available to help you settle into the role.

Firstly are you qualified?  The answer is probably yes if you are over 18, a British citizen, a qualifying Commonwealth citizen, or a citizen of any other member state of the European Union, and you have a connection to the area - ie  you are on the Electoral Register, live in or near the Parish or work there.  For a detailed description of qualification and those things that disqualify you see here .  

http://www.beacouncillor.org.uk/  has lots of reasons why you might want tolook at further at being a Councillor.

If you would like more information please contact a current councillor or the clerk.