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Committees and their membership

The Parish Council has three committees. The Planning Committee meets every month and the others (Highways and Burial Ground Committee and Finance and General Purposes Committee) meet every other month. The membership of each committee is decided at the Annual Council Meeting in May. The chairman (Andrew Wilkinson) and vice-chairman (Rod Sterland) of the council are ex-officio members of all committees. The Terms of Reference for each committee can be found by clicking on its name.

 Planning Committee

Chair - Mary Uppington

Vice Chair - Charles Cave

Mr A Batt

Ms G Collins

Ms S Hughes

Mrs B Mackwood
Mr I Scoones 
Miss M Uppington

Mr A Cartman

Ms S Hardingham

Mr A Johnson
Mr N Moorcroft
Mr M Semple


Mr C Cave

Mr M Harris
Mr D Johnson
Mrs J Pullin
Mr J Thomas

 Highways and Burial Ground Committee
Chair - Nigel Moorcroft Vice Chair - Stuart McQuillan
 Mr A Batt

 Mr A Cartman Mr C Cave
 Ms G Collins Ms S Hardingham Mr M Harris
 Ms S Hughes   Mr P Jackson Mr A Johnson
 Ms L Lansley Mrs B Mackwood Mrs J Pullin
 Mr I Scoones Mr M Semple Mr R Sterland
 Mr J Thomas Miss M Uppington Mr A Wilkinson
 Finance and General Purposes Committee
Chair - Sheila Hardingham

Vice Chair - Martyn Harris

 Mr C Cave Mrs J Pullin Mr P Jackson
 Mr N Moorcroft Mr S McQuillan Mr M Semple
 Mr R Sterland Miss M Uppington Mr A Wilkinson

There is a Village Enhancement Scheme Working Group which reports to the Highways and Burial Ground Committee. A list of all appointments can be found here.