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News from Leigh Woods




We were delighted to learn in March that Peaches Golding, who lives here in Leigh Woods, had been appointed by the Queen to be the next Lord Lieutenant of Bristol. She will hold the role, which is largely ceremonial and involves representing the Queen in the city, for the next 12 years.

The Open Forum was well attended as always. We were very grateful that Charles Cave, our District Councillor, Trish Johnson, the Bridge Master and P.C. Faithfull, accompanied by Sergeant Raby, came to update us on events and to answer questions from the floor. We are re-vamping our Web site soon and the Notes from the Forum will be posted for all to read.

At our AGM afterwards two members Emma Burgh and Martin Jenkins were voted on to the committee and then, at the committee meeting immediately following the AGM, were voted in as Chairman and Secretary. This means that the Society is now well placed to go forward into the future.  We also thank all the work undertaken over the years by Brenda Winsor-Edwards, Peter Birling, Bill Somers, Tina Pritchett and Michael Smethhurst who stood down at the AGM. 

Brackenhill Open Day this Spring was very well attended and the gardens, as always, looked wonderful despite all the building work to the main house. It was lovely weather and we all enjoyed it enormously.  The next visit is scheduled for Saturday 7th October between 2 and 4pm. These visits are open to Leigh Woods Residents and Members of the Botanic Gardens.

Clifton Suspension Bridge. An update regarding the coffee vendor: the chosen vendor is Chapter and Holmes, who is in the process of applying for a licence, the consultation period for the licence runs until 6th June and NSC will let them know after that if there are any issues arising.The licence holder is Warren van der Eb. If he is successful in obtaining a licence he will be out with the tuk tuk serving coffee most days and we understand there will be some sort of launch event so we can all meet him and try his coffee at some point in the not too distant future.

The new Toll Booths. The Bridge Master updated us at the Open Forum:  “we are submitting plans this month. We have listened to comments from the community and we are proposing 2 symmetrical toll houses on the Clifton side. They will be rough (riven) stone finish which is easier to keep clean. There will be a gate across the road at either end to enable us to close it for incidents. Once the plans have been registered they will be on the website.”

National Trust Leigh Woods: a visit has been arranged for Leigh Woods residents to meet the new ranger, Carole Burnett, on Wednesday 7th June. She is taking us on a walk and telling us about the conservation work they are focusing on this year. One of their plans is to put new signs in place to try and keep the cyclists on the cycle tracks and may close off some tracks from time to time to protect certain areas. They are no longer holding birthday parties and have cut back on requests from film crews. All in an attempt to reduce the footfall a little.  

The Parking Problems continue as all who live in Leigh Woods are acutely aware. The Working Party and Parish Councillors drew up a plan with input from an official in the Highways and Transport Department of NSC.  We are now waiting for this to be presented to and approved by Mr ApRees, who holds the Highways Portfolio. If and when it is approved there will then be a consultation period with Leigh Woods residents before the final plan is implemented. We have been waiting three months for a window to meet Mr. ApRees. Meanwhile we have the situation of the bin lorries not being able to get down certain roads to empty bins. The cars might be parking legally, i.e. not on the pavement, but they park on both sides making it impossible to use the road.  We are very indebted to the Working Party, members of the LWS committee, Parish Councillors and Charles Cave for all their hard work in trying to get this resolved.

Kingston Lodge Garages: Planning application number - 17/P/0059/F. On 23rd May revised applications for this property - on the corner of Bridge Road and Burwalls Road - were presented to the NSC planning department and the consultation period extended to 31st May.  The information was circulated to the LWS membership for comment. 

                                                                                            Angela Probyn, June 2017

Leigh Woods is close to the village of Abbots Leigh whose website is