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Village Enhancement Scheme

For some years, many residents have made it clear in consultations that they would like two things for the village:

  • An attractive and vibrant village centre

  • Slower traffic along the main road.  

The traffic consultant, Ben Hamilton Baillie, has drawn attention to the fact that before the by-pass was built, the main road was the principal route between Bristol and Weston. (A copy of his report can be seen here.) When the bypass was opened in 1967, our road was left very much as it was and never re-designed as a village road: the priority is still given to enabling a lot of traffic to get through quickly with little thought for access within the village and the safety of pedestrians. 

We would like to make the village more useable for those not in a car, especially children. That could mean slowing traffic speeds, introducing more crossing points, re-imagining what the shopping area could look like. 

How about widening the footways in some places so that pedestrians don’t have to criss-cross the road to find a wide-enough pavement? Could the pubs and businesses be more visible and look more welcoming? Could the wide sweep of the road as you arrive from Bristol be narrowed to emphasise the village gateway – and slow traffic entering the village? 

A group has now started to look at the detail of what is practical, realistic and achievable. There may be difficult decisions about parking and traffic calming; so residents and businesses will be at the heart of discussing the scheme.

Once there is an agreed plan, funding will have to be found. It is most likely to be implemented in stages.  Much consultation will be needed so residents and retailers will have a chance to have their say as the plan is drawn up.

If you would like further information about the working group please contact the clerk. Further information will be posted here as ideas and plans develop.