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Temporary Road Closures

  • Failand Land


Friday 18th June - for emergency works by BT.

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  • A370 Long Ashton By-Pass, Long Ashton. Ref: T21-24


From Clevedon Road to Colliters Way

Work will commence on 2 August 2021, anticipated to be of five nights in duration between the hours of 20:00 and 06:00.

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Bristol's proposed Clean Air Zone

Following concerns raised with the council by local residents, our Chairman, Cllr Cathy Fagg wrote to Rebecca Pow MP (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at Defra - the Dept. responsible for signing off Bristol' Clean Air Zone proposals) to express our collective concerns. You can read our letter here.  We also wrote to Donald Davies - leader of North Somerset Council, and Dr Liam Fox MP.

The council has since received a reply from Rebecca Pow MP which you can read by clicking here. We can see little within this letter to give us reassurance that Bristol City Council's plans would be amended by Defra officials to take into account the concerns of Long Ashton residents and surrounding communities.  We will continue to raise those concerns and encourage community members to do likewise to ensure our views are properly considered. 


 Long Ashton's new War Memorial

Following considerable effort from a dedicated team of residents involved in the Long Ashton War Memorial Trust including the group's Secretary, Mr David Addis, Long Ashton unveiled its new War Memorial on Monday 12th April. The unveiling was carried out by the HM Lord-Lieutenant of Somerset, Mrs Anne Maw.  


Footpath Consultation

The PC ran a footpath use survey recently and the full results can be seen here.

The size and nature of the responses demonstrates that, for many people, our local footpaths are an important and pleasurable part of village life providing safe routes to school and work as well as being used for fitness and recreation. People are using all of our local paths both within the Parish Council area and beyond. However there are concerns about road safety and a desire for safer crossings. People would also welcome better signage, easier access, more rest points, improved information, safer routes to local amenities and the cutting back of vegetation. In addition, there are some tensions between different user groups of our Rights of Way with one person reporting an accident. 


Community response to Covid 19 

Long Ashton residents are responding quickly to the fast-moving coronavirus situation. If you need any help or want to offer your help during this time, please join the Long Ashton Coronavirus Support Network. The group is for residents to reach out to each other for support during the coronavirus crisis and to help elderly and vulnerable locals. The group is currently discussing ways of helping each other and welcomes those in need to ask for help. The group does not post medical advice.

Please share the group and keep an eye out for slips posted through your door - these slips give details of local people nearby to you who are willing to help.

They have produced a really good video explaining why you should get signed up as a volunteer with them - which can be seen here  

Email: info@lacovid.org

Tel: 01275 595580

Website lacovid.org and Facebook: LAT Facebook Page

The network have asked that if you need help, please email: info@lacovid.org rather than posting it on the Facebook page as your message remains private and will be directed to to the right person. The network have produced a pamphlet describing the available help and this can be accessed here.


VES Update

We’re listening to your concerns about the proposed changes to the speed limit near the Guide HQ/Wild Country Lane, at the gateway to the western end of the village. We’ll be meeting with representatives from the Guides to decide a course of action. In the meantime, changes to the speed limit will be deferred until a decision has been made.

Here’s a quick summary of the rationale behind the decision to change the speed limit near the Guide HQ, as explained by the chair of the Village Enhancement Scheme working group:

“The parish council has been working on road safety measures for the village for some years. The junction of Weston Road with Wild Country Lane has caused concern, especially as the volume of traffic from Barrow Gurney has increased, so the council has been considering how best to slow the traffic down as it approaches from the 50 mph road from Gatcombe. The consultation a year ago reinforced those concerns.

The problem is that drivers often do not notice the 30 mph where it is currently set. National guidance now recommends that the start of a 30 mph limit zone should clearly be aligned with the start of housing, so that drivers can understand the reason for the reduction in speed limit. This guidance has changed since the Guide HQ was built 35 years ago.

It is believed that the change will improve road safety in this area. Additional road markings will be laid on the approach to the junction to highlight the need to slow down.”

We’d like to thank all those who signed the petition. Your comments are important to us and your support in seeking a way forward is appreciated.

The work continues on the 20mph limit in the shopping area and the rest of the proposals as the PC is working hard to make the village safer.


We've changed how Parish Council meetings are conducted

Council meetings tend to be formal affairs and our focus is on making sure agenda items are dealt with efficiently and effectively. But we also need to strike a balance to ensure we hear from community members to understand your views about life in Long Ashton. For this reason we are making small changes to the way we conduct our meetings as outlined below. We will also be attending events in the village, meeting with groups to hear what you have to say.
This is how our meetings are changing in 2020:

· If you want to attend a meeting with an issue of concern, please let the clerk know by email or by phone giving a week’s notice IF POSSIBLE.
· You will be invited to sit at the table (or join an online meeting) with other councillors during the public participation time.
· This public participation time will last for up to 30 minutes, starting at 7.30pm. 
· Each person will have up to 5 minutes to speak but we aim to be flexible as we can about how the time is shared out. 
· Residents can discuss an item of correspondence that they have sent in previously to the Council. 
· This discussion will not be minuted.
· This will apply to all Council and Committee meetings
· Because time is precious and there is a lot of business to attend to, any issue that will be voted on will be dealt with after the public engagement slot as it appears on the agenda. Residents are welcome to contact the clerk by email or phone anytime.
· If you want to visit in person the office is in the Jubilee Pavilion. Tuesday mornings are best as the office is open to the public at this time (currently closed due to Covid).
· We will try to put background papers on the PC website before each meeting (anything sensitive or confidential will of course be excluded) 

Tel: 01275 393551

Email: Clerk@longashtonparishcouncil.com                                          

Post: Long Ashton Parish Council, PO Box 3102, Long Ashton, BS41 9XA

A Community Library for Long Ashton

Long Ashton's Public Library has been closed but the the Parish Council has set up a working group to develop an alternative provision.  

Library Questionnaire

The Library Working Group consulted with residents in the autumn using a questionnaire and the full analysis of the answers can be seen here.  From the 359 responses received the headlines are

  • 77.4% strongly agreed and 8.1% agreed with the statement: "It is important to maintain a library service in our village”
  • 76% did not think that that the proposed mobile library service for two afternoons per week meets the needs of our village.
  • 89% support the Parish Council considering the possibility of setting up a community library based at another site.  
  • 11% would volunteer regularly and 33% occasionally to help run the library.
  • 87% were willing to pay extra tax to fund the library (with 70% willing to pay £1 a month). 

 Events in the Parish 

If you would like to share details or pass comments about events being held in the area, please email the clerk