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Be a Parish Councillor

Could this be YOU? Do you have concerns about any local matters? Would you like to have your say? Would you like to have an impact and create change that matters to local people?

This is the deal: Meetings are generally held on Monday evenings: everyone attends Full Council, but you can decide just how much you want to get involved in the three sub-Committees covering Finance, Planning Applications in the villages, and Environmental concerns.

Some of the hands-on work takes place in Working Groups (at various times of day) and again you can choose, for example: Community Engagement, Village Enhancement, Biodiversity, Library, Skate Park, Health and Wellbeing, Children and Young People, protecting the Green Belt, LA Community Association.

Am I eligible to become a Parish Councillor?*

  • You need to be 18 or over to serve on the Council.
  • Be a British citizen, an eligible Commonwealth citizen or a citizen of any member state of the European Union.

 · And meet at least one of the following four qualifications:

  • You are, and will continue to be, registered as a local government elector for the parish/community in which you wish to stand from the day of your nomination onwards.
  • You have occupied as owner or tenant any land or other premises in the parish/community area during the whole of the 12 months before the day of your nomination and the day of election.
  • Your main or only place of work during the 12 months prior to the day of your nomination and the day of election has been in the parish/community area.
  • You have lived in the parish/community area or within three miles of it during the whole of the 12 months before the day of your nomination and the day of election.

Read more about the requirements of anyone wishing to become a Parish Councillor here.

You will have the option of contact with a ‘Buddy’ – an experienced Councillor to help you ease into, and understand, the intricacies of Council Life.

To apply - download our Information Pack which includes details of what's involved and an application form. Completed application forms should be sent to the council no later than Thursday 17th June to be considered at the Council meeting on Monday 21st June. If further vacancies remain after this date, the next deadline will be Thursday 2nd September. The council's co-option procedure can be found by clicking here.

There are currently seven vacancies within the Long Ashton Ward of the Parish Council. 

Long Ashton Parish Council has 21 Councillor seats in total; 19 representing Long Ashton and two representing Leigh Woods. Council and committee meetings are typically been held on a Monday evening, and many Councillors participate in additional Working Groups.

Some of the present Councillors have many years of experience and others just a few months.  What's important is the experience, knowledge and range of views each councillor brings. This helps the parish council to consider and respond to a wide range of community priorities. If you’ve not been a Councillor before (or even if you have), training is available via the Avon Local Councils Association (ALCA) and the National Association of Local Councils (NALC).

We've also produced some of our own leaflets explaining what Parish Councils do and the role of the Parish Councillor. To read more, click on the following links: 

If you would like a chat about becoming a councillor of Long Ashton Parish Council, please contact a current councillor or the clerk.