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Village Enhancement Scheme

Update 12th March 2020

We’re listening to your concerns about the proposed changes to the speed limit near the Guide HQ/Wild Country Lane, at the gateway to the western end of the village. We’ll be meeting with representatives from the Guides to decide a course of action. In the meantime, changes to the speed limit will be deferred until a decision has been made.

Here’s a quick summary of the rationale behind the decision to change the speed limit near the Guide HQ, as explained by the chair of the Village Enhancement Scheme working group:

“The parish council has been working on road safety measures for the village for some years. The junction of Weston Road with Wild Country Lane has caused concern, especially as the volume of traffic from Barrow Gurney has increased, so the council has been considering how best to slow the traffic down as it approaches from the 50 mph road from Gatcombe. The consultation a year ago reinforced those concerns.

The problem is that drivers often do not notice the 30 mph where it is currently set. National guidance now recommends that the start of a 30 mph limit zone should clearly be aligned with the start of housing, so that drivers can understand the reason for the reduction in speed limit. This guidance has changed since the Guide HQ was built 35 years ago.

It is believed that the change will improve road safety in this area. Additional road markings will be laid on the approach to the junction to highlight the need to slow down.”

We’d like to thank all those who signed the petition. Your comments are important to us and your support in seeking a way forward is appreciated.

The work continues on the 20mph limit in the shopping area and the rest of the proposals as the PC is working hard to make the village safer.


Consultation on the Traffic Regulation Orders to carry out the VES proposals

North Somerset have prepared the Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) to carry out the parking and speed limit changes proposed in the Village Enhancement Scheme.  These proposals have been drawn up by the PC in consultation with NSC following extensive consultation with residents.

Details of the TROs can be seen below

North Somerset Council is proposing to permanently impose parking restrictions on Weston Road and Lovelinch Gardens in Long Ashton.
Please click here to find the proposal which contains: -
  • Notice of Intent
  • Draft Order
  • Statement of Reasons
  • Existing Plans
  • Proposed Plans
If you have any objections, comments or queries please reply to this email or contact us using the details provided on the Notice of Intent by 5pm on 10th January 2020.

Speed Limit

North Somerset Council is proposing to permanently change the speed limit on Weston Road in Long Ashton.
Please click here to find he proposal which contains: -
  • Notice of Intent
  • Draft Order
  • Statement of Reasons
  • Copy of the revoked order
  • Proposed Plan
If you have any objections, comments or queries please reply to this email or contact us using the details provided on the Notice of Intent by 5pm on 10th January 2020.

VES update 27th Nov 2019

Long Ashton Village Enhancement Scheme

The first part of the works is expected to be done in March/ April 2020. This phase is the 20 mph limit on a small stretch of Weston Road in the shopping area plus the surface treatment and parking limit at the Brocks Lane junction; it includes signage, some line painting and some road markings. This is part of the proposals shown on the leaflet circulated in March this year.

In response to the consultation with residents earlier this year, some extra works have been added to the project and they too should be done next Spring. These are:

- some parking restrictions at Lovelinch Gardens where there are long standing problems around inconsiderate parking

- improving the safety at the zebra crossing on Long Ashton Road at the top of Theynes Croft, with buff coloured surface treatment and additional road markings in order to provide additional warning to drivers. The PC has received a number of comments that drivers just do not notice this crossing which is used by many families attending Northleaze school.

- improving the junction of Weston Road with Wild Country Lane by moving the 30mph limit nearer to the village and adding dragons teeth markings.

Detailed drawings of the scheme can be seen here.

However, some parts of the original scheme have been deferred because detailed surveys threw up some issues, which mean that the estimated cost will increase and these designs have to be modified. These are being reviewed and worked on, so it is hoped that some progress can be made soon. These include the area outside Piccolo’s forecourt and the raised crossing outside the Co-op. Also it was recently decided to defer the squaring off works at the junction of Birdwell Road and Weston Road. This is largely because of budget pressure but also the belief that the raised crossing should slow down traffic approaching this junction anyway.

The Village Enhancement Scheme working group is working closely with the Highways Dept of North Somerset Council who will manage the works but the scheme is being fully funded by Long Ashton Parish Council. The Parish Council is grateful for the tremendous support received in response to the consultation which showed that residents are in favour of more traffic calming. 

The report on the responses to the VES consultation Feb - March 2019  can be seen here  .       

What has the Parish Council done?

The Parish Council set up a working group to look at what would be practicable. Our initial plans were too ambitious and expensive. These have been pared back and just a few of the ideas are now being taken forward. The group have spent a lot of time getting the details of the work agreed with the Parish Council and with North Somerset Highways and now want to consult with residents and find out what you think.

The details?
The details of the proposals are shown in the below. They concentrate on the shopping area along the main road between Providence Lane and Lovelinch Gardens. What we propose is:

  • A 20 mph speed limit from just west of Providence Lane to just west of Lovelinch Gardens.
  • Safety improvements to the main road crossing between Brocks Lane and Yeo Lane.
  • Raising the pedestrian crossing by the Co-op to reduce traffic speed.
  • Improvements to the pavement by Piccolos take away.
  • Widening the Birdwell Road pavement nearest to the Co-op to make crossing easier for pedestrians.
  • Limited single yellow lines to restrict parking at the top of Yeo Lane but only at school crossing times between 8-9 am and 3-4 pm Monday to Friday.
Picture showing appearance of VES scheme at Brocks lane
This is the first stage of the VES. We know more needs to be done. We will see how this phase works and what funding can be found for future work.

The cost and who pays?
The scheme will cost in the region of £30,000 and will be funded by the PC. This money will come from reserves that we have put aside for the VES and road safety. In addition, we have some money from the Community Infrastructure Levy, which is money that developers now pay towards improvements in local infrastructure; as we have an NDP we get 25% of this.

When will this happen?
It has taken a long time to get this far, but we expect North Somerset Council to programme much of this work before April 2020.
We want to know what you think.

Ways to contact us:

Email: clerk@longashtonparishcouncil.com. (Please indicate if you would like to be kept informed about the VES).

Facebook page: https://en-gb.facebook.com/LongAshtonParishCouncil/.

If you would like further information about the working group please contact the clerk. Further information will be posted here as ideas and plans develop.

 You can see a copy of the plan here