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Welcome to LA

Long Ashton

A new resident? Welcome to Long Ashton!

There’s plenty going on in Long Ashton and in order to ‘welcome’ new residents, we have set up the ‘Welcome LA’ scheme.  Most, but not all, streets have a ‘Welcomer’ who will deliver a ‘welcome pack’ to you so that you are aware of services and activities in the village.  If you moved in more than month and have not received a welcome pack, do contact our Welcome LA co-ordinator, Liz Lansley.  Her e mail address is liz.lansley@hotmail.co.uk Tel 01275 393748/07944 258322. 

The village has 3 regular publications:
The Village Newsletter – delivered to every household every 4 months, produced by the parish council - FREE
The Parish Magazine – produced by our local parish church office on a monthly basis - This provides information on ‘what’s on’ as well as providing a local advertiser for local trades people.  To obtain a copy regularly by small subscription call the parish office Tel 393109
LA Paper – also free, delivered every month across the village with news of events.

The mobile library visits the Community Centre twice a week Tuesday (2:30 to 4:30 pm) and Friday (9:30 -11.30 am) where you can get help and advice so do call in and get the full picture of the village you have moved to .  There is plenty going on in the village for example: a monthly market (first Saturday of the month), a weekday morning café at the community centre, bowling, tennis and thriving junior and senior football clubs.

We do hope that you will find something of interest in the village and that you will enjoy living here. 

Liz Lansley, John Edwards and all the Welcome LA volunteers

Some guidance for Welcomers:

Please notice when new people move into your patch

  • Then pick up a current Welcome LA pack from John Edwards to give to them
  • Greet your new neighbours, preferably face to face rather than simply delivering the pack through their letter box; ideally a few days after their arrival
  • If for any reason, you can’t continue welcoming, let us know so that we can find a replacement for your patch
  • If you have any queries or would like to become a welcomer contact  liz.lansley@hotmail.co.uk or John Edwards Tel  393797. 

Welcomers, always welcome!

Long Ashton