Serving the people of Long Ashton & Leigh Woods


Parish Council Noticeboards

There are a number of noticeboards around Long Ashton and Leigh Woods that are owned and maintained by the Parish Council. The right-hand side of the noticeboard outside the Post Office is mainly for the use of Parish Council notices, but all other noticeboards can be used to promote charitable, voluntary, non-profit making organisations and clubs to help publicise activities which are within, or close to Long Ashton and Leigh Woods.

Parish Council newsletter

The Parish Council newsletter does not accept commercial advertising. The editorial committee will consider submissions from charitable, voluntary, non-profit making organisations and clubs to help publicise activities which are within, or close to, Long Ashton and Leigh Woods.

Fly posting on telegraph poles, streetlight columns, other structures, trees, etc

The Parish Council strongly disapproves of all forms of fly posting, which it considers can have a significant adverse impact on the local environment.

'A' Boards

The Parish Council would point out that 'A' boards are permitted on private property. However, the displaying of 'A' boards on public highways or footpaths is not permitted by law.

Signs in shop windows

We do not control advertisements placed inside the premises to advertise the goods or services which are available at the premises.

Signs on Premises

The display of signs advertising any business is controlled by legislation and anyone intending to erect such signs are advised to ensure that they comply with the relevant legislation.

General Background Information on Advertising Regulations

Outdoor advertisements are dealt with under the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007. The Local Planning Authority (North Somerset Council (NSC) is responsible for deciding whether a particular advertisement should be permitted or not. The regulations cover the wide range of advertisements and signs which are commonly seen outdoors. All outdoor advertisements must comply with the following five 'standard conditions':

  • Be kept clean and tidy
  • Be kept in a safe condition
  • Have permission of the owner of the site/land
  • Not obscure or hinder the interpretation of official road signs, etc
  • Be removed carefully where so required by the Planning Authority

Under the Town & Country Planning Regulations 2007 there are 16 specified classes of advertisement which can be displayed without the need to make an application to NSC. These include the following which are more relevant to our village(s).

Class 1 – Functional advertisement by public bodies – this would include the Parish Council noticeboard.

Class 2(c) – Notices or signs relating to Public Houses which are displayed at the premises - only one sign is allowed, without Planning Permission, on each frontage and must not be more than 2m2 in area.

Class 3(d) – Temporary notices for a local and charitable event – this does not include Commercial events. The advert must not be more than 0.6 m2 in area.

Class 5 – Advertisement on business premises (not on public property) for goods or services - which are available at the premises. There are restrictions on the size of letters and location of the sign on the premises but these would not normally cause a problem for the business.

Class 6 - advertisements on forecourts of business premises

When business premises have a forecourt (or more than one), Class 6 gives a further consent to display the type of advertisement permitted by Class 5, namely notices, signs and advertisements to draw attention to any commercial services, goods for sale, or other services available at the premises. The term 'forecourt' includes any enclosing fence, wall, screen or other structure, so long as the means of enclosure is not part of the business premises itself. So a forecourt would include:

  • the enclosed area in front of a newsagents or tobacconist's shop;
  • the area at a petrol filling station where pumps are situated;
  • a terrace in front of a restaurant or cafe.

A forecourt does not include the area of pavement in front of business premises which forms part of the highway. Because Class 6 permits advertisements on the forecourt of business premises, any such notices, signs or advertisements must be at ground-level. And the total permitted area for all forecourt advertisements must not exceed 4.6 square metres on each forecourt frontage to the premises. So a building with two forecourt frontages may have advertisements not exceeding 9 square metres in all, provided that those on each frontage do not exceed 4.6 square metres. Forecourt advertisements must not be illuminated in any circumstances. provided that those on each frontage do not exceed 4.6 square metres.

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