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Biodiversity Working Group

Focus and aims

The Parish Council created the biodiversity working group to help advise them via the environment committee to maintain and significantly improve biodiversity within the parish.

The working group comprises Councillors and Long Ashton and Leigh Woods residents who meet regularly to discuss, report and implement ideas that will help make the parish more environmentally friendly.

Terms of Reference


  • Biodiversity Policy (PDF, 82 Kb)

    Biodiversity refers to the variety of life on earth. It is widely recognised that we need to be more connected to the natural world for our own survival. Biodiversity is also important in maintaining the resilience of the services nature provides to us, such as carbon sequestration. Long Ashton Parish Council recognises this value and is cognisant of its legal duty to conserve and increase biodiversity and therefore commits to conserve and increase biodiversity throughout the parish of Long Ashton and Leigh Woods.


Every Garden Counts

The biodiversity working group has developed an initiative called Biodiversity: Every Garden Counts. Making gardens wildlife-friendly isn't a new concept but has gathered lots more momentum in recent years. To build momentum, sharing plants, advice, photos and experiences could be key in spreading the word amongst your neighbours.

LACA is involved too. Since 2017 areas above the football pitches in Peel Park have been left un-mown, and gradually, flower and grass species have increased whilst crickets, grasshoppers, bees and butterflies have returned to feed and breed in these patches of long grass. Excitingly, a pyramidal orchid burst into bloom here this summer, and we hope others will follow suit next year.

In the autumn, a strip of grass along the southern end will be replanted with species-rich grassland, and within a year or two, we should all enjoy seeing a wealth of plants and pollinators enjoying this new habitat. And there are other projects in the pipeline too.

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