Serving the people of Long Ashton & Leigh Woods


The Parish Council has three committees. The Planning Committee, the Environment Committee and the Finance and General Purposes Committee.

The membership of each committee is decided at the Annual Council Meeting in May. The chairman (Cllr Cathy Fagg) and vice-chairman (Cllr Phil Jackson) of the council are ex-officio members of all committees. The Terms of Reference for each committee can be found below.

All committees have agendas published 3 clear days before any meeting, and minutes are also published on the website.

Find meeting dates by visiting the council meetings calendar.

Long Ashton Churchyard and Memorial Trust

Long Ashton Community Association (LACA)

Avon Local Councils Association/NALC

Avon Local Councils Association (ALCA)/National Association of Local Councils (NALC)

Cllr Cathy Fagg and Cllr Phil Jackson act as representatives.

Membership of other groups

Other Bodies, Networks and Meetings

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