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Reasons for improving biodiversity in the parish

Male orange tip on bluebell in Cook's Wood, Long Ashton. Photo © Tim Aldred

The broad definition of biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth, in all its forms. It helps support us with clean air, water, fuel, shelter, and so much more. Even the food we eat relies on biodiversity, since bees and other insects pollinate many of our crops. Biodiversity also enriches our daily lives with birdsong, colourful flowers, and places to walk, relax or feel inspired. Contact with nature is good for us, helping to support our own health and wellbeing. Countries with an emphasis on 'green' initiatives are among the happiest in the world and may have a longer life expectancy. When we protect nature, nature protects us. But right now, biodiversity is in crisis across the world. Animal and plant species are disappearing at an alarming rate, with Britain being one of the most nature depleted countries.

It’s in your power to help biodiversity

Teenager enjoying the benefits of nature in Cook's Wood, Long Ashton. Photo © Tim Aldred

The UK government, North Somerset Council and Long Ashton Parish Council have declared a climate emergency and are working to improve our prospects BUT the good news is, anyone can help to give nature the space and protection it needs. Throughout the parish, people are already working together to create more space for bats, bees and butterflies. Gardens and public spaces such as school grounds, churchyards and parks all contribute to a landscape rich in nature. If you have a garden – even a tiny garden – you can rewild it (see the Every Garden Counts initiative). You can talk to family, friends and neighbours about increasing biodiversity and the benefits it provides for wildlife, climate and people. Our joint endeavours - if connected to biodiversity initiatives in neighbouring parishes - will contribute to a national effort. The transformational recovery of nature really comes to fruition when everyone pitches in. Together, we can reverse the fortunes of local species and help secure green spaces for many generations to come. So why not join our community and help to re-write nature's story?

Key messages

  1. There is an international biodiversity crisis that needs urgent action
  2. Humans rely, in one way or another, on all ecosystems to function, and, in turn, these systems need healthy biodiversity
  3. Spending time with wildlife and in green spaces is good for us in many ways.
  4. Maintaining healthy local systems in our community matters and is part of the work of the Parish Council
  5. Everyone can contribute to the rich and complex web of life – and give something back
  6. Change someone else's mind – spread the word by becoming an advocate for positive change

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