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The Neigbourhood Development Plan

The Neigbourhood Development Plan was formally made by North Somerset Council on the 10th November 2015 and must now be taken into account by them when considering planning issues within the Parish. The plan can be viewed on the Long Ashton NDP page on North Somerset Council's website.


What is the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)?

The Neighbourhood Development Plan is a planning document, which has been produced by the Parish Council with contributions from, the support of and in consultation with the community. If approved by the referendum, it will become part of North Somerset's planning policy and will then provide guidance to planning officers when they decide on planning applications.

What is the overall Aim of the NDP?

Long Ashton should develop as a sustainable community retaining its semi-rural, separate, village character while promoting local business, community facilities and sustainable energy. The parish, including Leigh Woods, will continue to contribute to the leisure and recreation of local people and the wider area of Bristol and North Somerset.

What is the Area of Separation?

The area of separation has been identified to ensure that Long Ashton remains separate from Bristol. We will expect North Somerset Council (NS) to rigorously implement the planning criteria that apply to the green belt and prevent the creeping urbanisation which has been taking place. It is also an indicator to NS that any attempt to re-designate this area, out of green belt will be vigorously resisted.

What difference will the NDP make?

The NDP has policies which will prevent development on some areas of currently open space within and around the village. For example, if the owners of the cricket field wanted to develop it they would have to provide alternative provision. There are other policies which aim to protect and improve the retail provision in the village and the recreational facilities.

What is the Village Enhancement Scheme?

The village enhancement scheme aims to improve the centre of the village. A detailed plan needs to be drawn up in consultation with residents and North Somerset. Once there is an agreed plan there is far more chance of finding funding. It is most likely to be implemented in stages. North Somerset has already agreed that improvement is needed to the Long Ashton Road, B3128, Clarken Coombe junction, and this is now on a list of potential schemes.

How has the NDP been developed?

The NDP has been developed by a group comprised of parish councillors and interested parishioners. Ideas have been suggested at consultation events and these have been turned into policies, in consultation with a planning expert and North Somerset officers. The plan has been refined through consultation with local businesses, developers and individuals and finally by examination by a Planning Inspector.

What are the Policies?

There are 5 main themes:

  • Sustaining a Local Community
  • Creating a Prosperous Local Economy
  • Protecting and Enhancing our Local Environment
  • Highways and Transport
  • The Village Enhancement Scheme
  • Meeting Local Housing Needs

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